"Committed to Quality & Excellence"


What We Do

We offer an extensive range of services focusing on welding and fabrication in many different industry sectors.

Using experience from working in the power industry, architectural and structural steel industry, automotive industry  and heavy plant industry, we can bring you an all inclusive welding and fabrication service to meet your needs.

Our Approach

Our team are dedicated to providing the highest quality and are experienced in their fields enabling us to offer a wide range of metalwork products and services to our customers whilst maintaining a professional and excellent service.

We Put Our Customers First

Whether you are a corporation or an individual, our service will be tailored to what you need.

No job is too big or too small.


Our Company Director

"Having worked in an engineering environment for over a decade, and now specialising in welding and fabrication, I have gained invaluable experience in this field which I feel speaks volumes in the work my company produces.  I am proud to put my company name to the products and services we provide"

Next Steps....

We are available by phone or email to answer any queries you may have relating to work required, or to discuss any of our past projects or experience, so please get in touch!

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